What To Expect

When you work with us, we do our best to customize the experience to you. Each step of the process can be tailored to you so that you get exactly what you want.

The first step when you contact us will be to explain what you’re looking for. We’ll ask you a few basic questions so we can get a really good feel for what’s important to you.

After that we’ll go over all the details of what to expect (if you don’t have time right then, just make sure you read the email we send, it will have all the same information). It usually takes around 10 minutes.

Lastly, we get you scheduled for your appointment. A 50% session fee deposit will be due at that time so that we can hold your spot on our calendar.

Preparing For The Shoot

Once your session is scheduled, we’ll send you a packet of information that will explain more details on how to prepare (what to wear, what to bring, etc). It will also have a handy checklist for you for the day of the shoot so you don’t forget anything important. We didn’t put the names of your children on the sheet, so you’ll have to remember them yourself. ;0)

The packet will also contain model releases and our session agreement for you to sign, as well as the address of your chosen location.

The Day Of The Shoot

On the day of your shoot we recommend you try and relax and take it easy. Plan to make a fun family day of it if you can so that you don’t arrive to the shoot stressed out and frazzled. Take your time getting ready and make sure to go over the checklist we provided you when you’re preparing.

Plan on having fun! ¬†We’re excited about what we do and helping you and your family to feel at ease and enjoy the session is part of our job! If you have babies or young children, you may even have a chance to see us get really silly and dance around or sing to get those precious smiles.

After The Shoot

After your session is complete and we have all the paperwork taken care of, we’ll get right to work editing and re-touching all your pictures by hand to make sure you look your best in every shot. Don’t worry, all our edits will keep you looking natural. We don’t like plastic skin and glowing eyes.

After the finishing touches have been put on your photos, we’ll send out a link for you to view your pictures online. From there, you can choose which prints you’d like to order, or if you’d prefer to buy the digital images.

If you decide you’d like to order something wall-sized to decorate your home, we have many beautiful options to choose from, but we place all those orders personally, so they come out exactly the way you want. It can be challenging to navigate all the options online, so if you would like to order something in a large format, please just give us a call or shoot us an email and we can get it ordered for you right away.

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