All about us…

Hi! I’m Chris (the guy in the picture) and the pretty one is my wife of over ten years, Jenifer.

Photography has been a passion for both of us for 20+ years. I first started dabbling in it when I was just a child and Jenifer began late in life (around 13).

Somehow in all that time it never occurred to either of us that we could make a living doing what we love! But one fateful day in October of 2011 the subject came up and within a few weeks JC Photography was born.

The best part of our work is capturing the memories that you will treasure forever. That sparkling smile, those amazing eyes, the images of your family that bring out each person’s personality and warmth. We get to be there for those moments, and we get to preserve them for you, your children, and grandchildren.

In addition to portrait photography we both have an avid interest in fine art photography. We  each have a unique style that we bring to our work and we invite you to check out our art gallery.

We hope you enjoy our site. Feel free to browse around and send us an email or give us a call with any questions.

Here’s to making memories, and keeping them forever!

Chris & Jenifer Klaus

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